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About Us

   The Program

Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health (TBMH) is an interdisciplinary program that offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees for students interested in advanced educational opportunities that span the life science, biomedical engineering, and public health disciplines.

In contrast with traditional degree programs, TBMH courses are not delivered by a single department or college, but rather through a collaborative team of faculty that span multiple departments and colleges, located on the Blacksburg and Roanoke campuses. Students have the opportunity to engage and train with numerous internationally recognized researchers from across the university. Our faculty are dedicated to solving critical human health issues through basic and applied research. They are also committed to providing foundational and translational opportunities in education and research. In conjunction with VTCSOM, TBMH also offers MD+PhD and MD+MS options.

   Our Mission

Our mission at TBMH is to develop leaders in biomedical research across the translational spectrum, dedicated to creating positive change in their scientific and broader communities. This can only be done through diversity of thought, experiences, ideas, interpretations, and language. Here at TBMH, we value all members of our community, and seek to amplify the voices of our students and their accomplishments.

We feel an environment that is supportive and healthy not only produces better science, but produces better citizens and colleagues. While critique and constructive criticism is welcomed, discrimination and aggressions are not. As a group, we are always striving to do better, be better, and make positive, sustainable changes for our students, science, and the world at large. 

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